Wednesday, February 20, 2013

twitter and me

       Twitter is a very fun and easy social network to use.Before our class and really getting to know about twitter I thought it was kind of dumb and just people complaining but  today in class our activity included using twitter to complete a quiz that showed you how helpful and easy it is to complete a task in a group if you need too. The activity was to take a quiz in a group and help each other answer questions with out talking. The test was very interesting and really did help to show how useful twitter could be in the classroom.
       I think twitter can be very helpful and easy to use inside the classroom. Twitter could be used for teachers to help plan every day activities together and be on the same page with other teachers and even parents about students. It is easy to find things and join groups to get things done together.


  1. Great summary and I liked your views on using it as a classroom tool.

  2. It was interesting that you changed your idea about twitter. I personally don't like seeing people post about what they are eating or who they are breaking up with. I'm also starting to like twitter more because of different ways we can use it in the classroom.